Interstellar (2014)

It’s All Relativity

interstellar poster

A long and tedious film with some fantastic ideas and beautiful imagery.

Now this is a film that I wish I could have loved. Some time in the future, humanity is in a precarious state. It’s difficult to grow food, and one blight too many could kill everyone off. Our protagonist Joseph Cooper was once a NASA pilot, but now he–like everyone else–has to eke a meager living attempting to grow dusty corn. This of course changes when NASA (secretly operating in a nearby facility) enlists him to head off into space to find a new world for people to settle on. To the dismay of his daughter, Cooper accepts the mission. The astronaut crew flies through a wormhole near Saturn, but what planets will they find on the other side?

interstellar screen

Interstellar is a slow and tiring film. It presents a lot of interesting concepts to mull over–but the film’s execution just felt lacking. The story’s heart is in the relationship between the protagonist and his daughter, but I just couldn’t get myself to care much about either of them. They were both just too boring. I’m not sure if the film needed better acting or better editing more.

The movie is nearly three hours long. There are scenes that demonstrate true ingenuity, such as a particular set in the final act that I found rather mind-blowing in terms of visuals. But as a whole, Interstellar feels a lot like outer space: mostly empty. Though I complained about the film’s length, I actually think this story could have worked much better had it been a TV mini-series (six 1-hour episodes?), which could have fleshed out the characters more and expand on some of the science behind the plot.

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