Sunshine (2007)

Here Comes the Sun

sunshine poster

This movie is a real trip. A unique combination of grim, pensive, and wild.

Around fifty years in the future, a crew of eight astronauts is sent to the sun. For whatever reason the sun is dying out, and they need to set off a bomb inside it to give it a jump-start. From what I’ve read this is not a scientifically sound premise by any means, but for the sake of a different kind of space journey film it works. This is a movie that I feel is much more about the mood it wishes to convey, rather than the plot (which I’d say is worth not thinking about too deeply). It’s an intense film, and not just in terms of action.

sunshine film screen1

The best thing about Sunshine is how it gets across just how massive and overwhelmingly powerful the sun is. As things increasingly grow worse for our main characters during their dangerous trip, they’re forced to come to terms with some fairly heady topics approaching philosophy and religion. The entire Earth is just a pebble compared to the sun, and everyone will die without it. What is a human life in comparison to such a god-like force? I might be giving the film more credit than it deserves in terms of how “deep” it is, but it did leave an impression.

The first two-thirds of Sunshine plays out how you might expect, but the final act takes a rather surprising turn. I wasn’t entirely sold on the direction the film chose to take at that point, but I do appreciate its willingness to experiment. Also worth noting, it’s definitely worth giving this one a watch for its art direction. Excellent visuals and cinematography that feel more like the work of creative minds rather than a high budget.

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