Underweight Champions

Clever little game. It didn’t click with me, but I can see why some people love it.

Undertale is a pixel RPG in which your character, Dora the Explorer with jaundice, falls into the realm of monsters and has to find her way back out. Some monsters are friendly, but most are out for your blood. Battling in this game is a little different from the norm–you attack with a timer bar, and you evade damage from enemy attacks by controlling a little heart and avoiding all the stuff thrown at you (similar to a shmup). At first I found the battles entertaining (and there is some nice variety to how they play out), but after a while I started to find them tedious, as they can last a rather long time.

You have the option to not kill your enemies in this game, though how that is done was not explained clearly. You can select “Mercy” to not fight, but most enemies will still retaliate with attacks dozens of times regardless. As it turns out, you have to dodge attacks for the next 10 minutes until the enemies finally give up. At any rate, the option is there to fight back against all the monsters (and you will be derided for it), or to be a complete pacifist and never harm anyone (and you will have a happier ending).

For the most part the story is a comedy. I found the humor more miss than hit though, and when things turned more serious I just didn’t find myself caring for the characters all that much. Wasn’t a big fan of the art style or the music in this one either. (But hey, you might like it?)

Get it on Steam.


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