It’s About Time

Interesting game. It’s worth a playthrough.

Braid is a puzzle platformer in which you have to work out ways to get puzzle pieces scattered about each level. Your main ability in the game is reversing the flow of time, though later on you will find that the different levels incorporate a variety of ways that time and space interact with one another. Some objects may not be affected by the time reversal, or the enemies will move forward and backward through time in sync with your own movements, etc. Lots of tough puzzles to solve. Some felt really rewarding to work out (namely those in earlier levels), while others I found much more irritating to get through (namely those in later levels, which require pinpoint accuracy and timing).

The game has a nice feel to it though. It takes the worlds of old-school Mario games and turns them into Impressionist-like paintings, and replaces the chiptunes with somber violin music. Everything comes together to create an atmosphere of bittersweet nostalgia.

A lot of people have talked about Braid‘s story over the years. It’s meant to be open to interpretation, but overall it feels like a story that’s more about the mood it is trying to evoke than anything else. Diary entries you read hint at conflict between the protagonist and a princess, but it’s all pretty vague. And then there’s the ending where… well, you can decide for yourself what it all means. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I read stuff online. Some things I’m not convinced on, others I can see it I suppose. It’s not a story I found entirely satisfying, but the discussion it has elicited is interesting.

Get it on Steam, or on the PS3 or Xbox 360.


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