Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Good game, good game. My favorite PC game, actually.

In Recettear, you run the shop that all the adventurers in RPGs go to. Buy low, sell high — go big or go home in a cardboard box. That’s right, your very livelihood is at stake here, because you’ve got a massive debt to pay off within a limited amount of time. To survive, you’re going to need to hire adventurers to risk their lives in the dungeon, all so you can gain more items to sell at a greater profit. These segments play out like old-school overhead action RPGs. Lots of characters to choose from, and each has his or her own weapon and playing style.

The store management in this game is simple, but lots of fun. You set the price, but you’ve got to work out how much the customers can spend, and what kinds of things they’re interested in buying. Customizing your store in various ways will affect who shows up, and the better the deals you cut them the more likely they are to come back and spend more. This ain’t a mobile “run a sweets shop” tapper. You’re going to have to haggle and barter and swindle and kill your way to financial stability, then onward to complete and utter economic domination.


Half the fun in this game is its silly dialogue. It’s always great when a customer is trying to sell you some egg toast for the equivalent of 75 cents, and says something like “This is something my grandmother treasured… but, well…” as if it’s some great heirloom that’s emotionally painful to part with. It’s special moments like this that make video games so wonderful.

Get it on Steam.


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